RJTR was responsible for architectural design, interior design, structural engineering, and MEP engineering services. Centregreen Three, developed by Highwoods Properties, is a 5-story, 174,000 GSF, Class A multi-tenant office building located off of Weston Parkway in Cary, NC. Upon entering the building, a spacious and active lobby with an offset elevator core offers tenants and guests a hospitalitystyle lounge with a modern, techy feel. Large and small seating groups provide collaborative areas to foster a creative working atmosphere, in addition to more intimate, private alcoves; plug-and-play components are scattered throughout. The interior design of the lobby features cantilevered planes as well as textured wood and metal architectural elements enhanced with LED mood lighting, which all work together to give the space a dynamic, yet functional vibe. Angled canopies at the exterior project out from the building, continuing the theme of cantilevered planes from within and creating a contextual relationship between the new building and the existing café and fitness pavilions at the center of the green. Expressed mullions around the façade provide additional articulated expression, while the flanking architectural precast zones serve to anchor the design as a whole. Roof terraces on either end of the top level provide outdoor amenity space for tenants. Adjacent to the office building, a 1-story 72,000 GSF, expandable precast parking deck provides additional parking capacity.
Photographs courtesy of Highwoods Properties