RULE JOY TRAMMELL RUBIO, LLC 300 GALLERIA PARKWAY, SUITE 740, ATLANTA, GA 30339 P: 770-661-1492 F: 770-661-1493
Bachelor in Architectural Studies, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University,1996
Selected Project Experience:
Jackson Healthcare, MetLife Global Technology Center, Wade Park III, IV & V, 1105 Peachtree, Loew Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando, Omni Hotel, Alta Midtown, Sixty 11th Street
Skilled at planning and conceptual design, Gary excels at leveraging technology to visualize, sculpt, and shape spaces for people to enjoy.  He develops and communicates his design vision through the use of 3d visualization tools, which allow him to engage the client in the design process in real time.  With over 24 years of experience on a wide range of project types, Gary enjoys working with other team members to generate innovative design solutions that meet the client’s vision, program, and budget.  He remains involved and connected to the project throughout all phases of design and construction, ensuring the integrity of the design remains strong through to project completion.  When not in the office, Gary enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, painting, and dreaming up new creations on his 3d printer.
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